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  4. now we discuss about some latest technology. they help us for travelling. So always select best skateboard and hoverboard.
  5. Visitante

    Best water softener reviews

    Now water is very important for maintaining health in which cases we use soft water but world water is very salty. As causes, a lot of peoples dinks the hard water. so you choose the softener and drink soft water. Read more
  6. Visitante

    Im Fairly Back to Runescape and Even Newer

    New or returning RuneScape players are inclined towards Old School, and also the remaining RS3 playerbase is comprised mostly of high tech / maxed accounts that will only begrudgingly participate in non-endgame content with the intention of completionism. With RS3 having attained the apex of what is technically attainable using its obsolete game engine, and potential legislation from the UK government endangering its monetization scheme, I expect RS3's potential to be rather limited. In the meantime, RuneScape game has been squeezed for what it is worth with MTX promotionals, while development looks relatively sparse. This, understandably, agitates the OSRS Gold playerbase. Of the people against this would be the reason OSRS is a lot more popular. A ton of the articles is updates of the content through different methods. I dont know a lot about RuneScape match but I know you get a lot of bis parts from random slayer creatures and shit which keeps them in demand and also keeps the lower amount gear shit in demand. This current plan Jex has will result in a big sink since you still need those components but I would rather them just use different components than requiring more of the already expensive shit. No one is gont use biting 3 as a stepping stone into biting 4 knowing it's absolutely fucking useless once you're done with it so the comparisons between nox and t92s is also futile. Nox rise will be made by the present plan, let us say to 160m each weapon. Ok, that's awesome. So now you believe a new RuneScape participant that never'd biting 3 is all of a sudden somehow likely to get a biting 3 now, in a more expensive price, till they can get additional money to get a biting 4 instead? Yall got some of the logic. For years now people have been able to display their achievements in maxing out their accounts throughout the max cape, however those who decide to forgo combat in RuneScape have been lacking on front. Its no small accomplishment to attain 99 in all abilities sans combat related as some skills are linked to said combat skills. I believe its about time which balances that are pure that are skiller get a cape to show off that. Im fairly back to RuneScape Gold and even newer to the subreddit, therefore I don't know whether this idea has been floated earlier and that I'm just flogging a dead horse so to speak but maybe not, I am wondering what people's thoughts are on this?
  7. Visitante

    How It Can Be Integrated within 2k

    Even play now I can't playwith. There's a cheese individuals use. The zone defense is too extreme in this particular game. With zone, you prevent buckets that are easy and induce long jump shots. But that the zone is super OP. It compels me to use it simply to compete. And play off ball d most of the time. I dont like that. I need on one better, one can be handled by the AI. They always leave their guy when I'm playing d.It's fun for about a week then it becomes dry very fast. I can only bring myself to play 1 match each week. I hate this cheap NBA 2K20 MT tbh. It is actually just a boring grind. Compared DD it is more similar than mut but it's still not actually exactly the same to. It's possible to get an adequate team enough but to get a high end team is more similar to madden. You desire if you dont spend time or money auctioning it's going to be difficult to field the team. You'll have a good group, but it wont be what you want. The gameplay is similar, theres a key gameplay problems that the developers dont cant acknowledge. Online is iffy compared to offline if you dont have a monitor and a good connection.I only got the game two weeks ago and I wouldnt say I regret the purchase but with all the new games out now I really do wish I wouldve spent the money elsewhere. Fantastic luck with the decision. 2K and I have been enjoying for a little more than a year now and I have been a large most of the time. I recently made a perimeter lockdown and it has been interesting but I feel like when I play the only way I can score when I am wide-open or is currently driving at a layup/dunk. There is not any middle ground.I wish to improve my game and get open more, but I have quite low basketball IQ (just started getting into basketball two years ago).My question is what is a good build to begin on to learn about the basics of becoming a better player offensively and defensively.Also, some good YouTube tutorials you may recommend is also appreciated! I am trying to not be a trash player, and I know there are. I would recommend LakerFan on YouTube. He explains how it can be integrated within 2k and alot of basketball IQ. Example. Bigs are better because of their quickness. They run back to the paint to competition the 2 and can pick up the 3 off a offer the newest information about NBA 2K20, maybe you can also Buy MT 2K20 from us to help you enjoy the game.
  8. Introduced as a member of Metamorph League, a brand new crafting system will make it possible for players to affect the quality of their jewellery with catalysts, which are. These catalysts have the ability to ditch mods to jewelry, boosting capacities and their power. These modifications aim to increase the difficulty of POE Currency towards its endgame in a bid to boost player participation and create new challenges for long-time gamers. There are some brand new unique items being released in the new growth, including newly revealed items such as Manastorm, which adds buffs for greater spell damage and energy defenses, as well as the Jade Amulet, which raises evasion and dexterity. But not all of them were revealed during the ExileCon presentation You will find 16 unique items in total for this growth. Also present will be five divination cards. The ExileCon reveal of Path of Exile 4.0 was much greater than anyone bargained for, following Grinding Gear Games creator Chris Wilson declared the upcoming"mega-expansion" was secretly Path of Exile 2. It's a surprise announcement for sure, but one that shouldn't divide the neighborhood, as Path of Exile and Path of Exile 2 will coexist under the same match, with the prior set for a few visual enhancements to prepare the heart for POE2's arrival. That means gamers will probably start over in POE2. Yes, it really is a sequel in that way, but it will retain all of the intricate systems that have slowly built POE orbs into the best ARPG ever made.
  9. somos dois meu velho, parece ser o mesmo erro o meu pc é windows 7, sou experiente em RO mas faz muito tempo que nao jogo, e esse erro ta me irratando.. quase desistindo.. alguem ai disponivel para ajudar ??
  10. olá, ewstou muito interessado em jogar, mas o meu da erro ao logar, em vez de abrir da um erro de inicialização, devido a configuração lado a lado.... Alguém sabe copmo ajuda?
  11. aqui no meu nem abre o o login aparece uma imagem dizendo que nao é possivel fazer o login
  12. and

    Guias de Up

    Cola no nosso Discord e pergunta pra galera que eles o ajudam!
  13. Visitante

    Guias de Up

    Ola,comecei um mercador mas agr estou fazendo um arqueiro
  14. raphawave

    Guias de Up

    Qual classe vc ta fazendo?
  15. Visitante

    Guias de Up

    Fala Galera, comecei a jogar o Ragnabeat hoje e gostei muito, estão de parabéns, mas sinto muito a falta de um guia pra pessoas que como eu, começaram a jogar recentemente. Incentivo os jogadores mais experientes a criar um guiazinho para os novos players. Obrigado e vamos ao UP!
  16. alguem sabe que erro é esse, que da no gepard? logo após tentar conectar no usuario e senha "you have been blocked!"
  17. alguem ja descobriu como solucionar ou terei que caçar outro servidor?
  18. Alguém sabe como resolver um erro do Gepard Shield, com a mensagem "This app can't run under a virtual machine."? Estou usando um notebook com windows 8 e não utilizo nenhum tipo de "virtual machine".
  19. Ganhadores do Evento Cosplay RagnaBeat 🏆 Primeiro Lugar 🏆 Personagem: Miranda Com o Anime: A Viagem de Chihiro Interpretando: Hollow e Chihiro 🥈 Segundo Lugar 🥈 Personagem: Sharp Marcola Com o Anime: Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco Interpretando: Shiryu de Dragão 🥉 Terceiro Lugar 🥉 Personagem: Cairo Com o Anime: Inuyasa Interpretando: Inuyasha EVENTO ENCERRADO! Agradecemos a todos participantes. Até a próxima!!
  20. Também já fiz todos os procedimentos citados e o erro persiste aqui. Uma pena, pois o servidor parece ser muito bom...
  21. Anime: Kimetsu No Yaiba Personagem: Nezuko Kamado / assistam a GIF pois é minha realidade nas BG's! abs... Nick: NeZuko / obs: Nick ja era antes do evento
  22. Fiz todos os procedimentos, inclusive a atualização dos Drivers e instalação de quase todas as versões do Visual, porém nada resolveu o erro.
  23. Tb sigo com o mesmo problema. Vcs conseguiram resolver? Eu segui todas as instruções e continua não funcionando.
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